Thursday, September 4, 2008

Boy, almost a month

since I posted.

What a month LOL. My Kia was written off after an accident, though it didn't look too badly damaged, the impact at speed pushed everything under the car forward doing a lot of damage. The frame of the passenger seat I was in broke, the driver's seat cracked, the engine mounts broke and the chassis was bent.

For now we will remain a one car family, much to Simon's dismay, but it won't be long now till he buys his own car.

I bit the bullet yesterday and bought myself a Wii and Wii Fit, was having such fun on Bradley's and could keep using his, but having my own in the house means I can use it at my convenience. Will let you know if I get fit LOL.

Stitching wise I have finished a few things this month, I'll post pictures if Blogger plays nice, if not they will be in my picture trail album.