Sunday, August 29, 2010

The sun came out so I

started on my front garden. Now to find the energy to do this amount of work another 5 or 6 times over!! Boy we have a big front yard. The plan is to make it as low maintenance and low water using as possible. The next big project solar panels on the roof, I'll leave some of the garden for after the tradesmen install the panels, so as to avoid crushing of plants.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We have a front yard

Amazing what a fence does for our house, after all my years of complaining about our lack of a fence and the increasing number of corner cutters invading my space - right outside my front window, which was quite unnerving, we now have a fence. Let the landscaping begin.
The plan now includes lots of flowering shrubs, and roses to line the path from the front gate to the front door.
I am hoping to achieve something similar to the flower garden in the backyard, just on a bigger scale. Minus the vegetables, since the photo of the backyard shows my vegetable patch too.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I found the pumpkin photo

After a morning in the vegetable garden and then potting seeds in the little bit of sun we had today, I decided to upload the photos from the camera's memory card and found the pumpkin photo. So here it is along with a shot of the little 'helper' that joined me in the vegetable patch.

Long time between posts

I can't find the photo of the pumpkin crop, must have deleted it. We are however still eating the pumpkins and they are Yummy. We ended up with about 30 butternut pumpkins and were able to share with family.
If the rain holds off I plan to venture out to the garden and do a bit of weeding and planting, also have sugar cane mulch to spread. Winter crops growing now include potatoes, leeks, brown onions, red onions, beetroot, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, green cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, celery, peas, beans, snow peas, strawberries and garlic.
I have a few seedlings to plant too weather permitting: corn, tomatoes and capsicums.
My next big project outside is the front garden, as soon as the fence is up work will begin, I already have a load of plants in pots ready to transplant and 10 standard roses to line the front path to the mailbox. The fence should be up in a month and then the fun can begin.
I've also decided to reclaim one of the flower beds out the back for more vegetable space, all the flowers and plants will be transferred to the front yard. We have a big front yard to fill. WIP photos of the garden will follow - as long as I upload them to the computer before I delete them LOL.