Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally some birthday photos

Blogger finally cooperated so I can share some birthday photos.

First some more birthday balloons from Charlene - so pretty.

Here I am opening a basket of goodies.

And my girly laptop bag from John.

Stitchy Finishes

Some more stitching. I finished another square on Nature's Home afghan and a little stitch'n hang kit of Santa. A couple of friends and I are planning to stitch an ornament on the 25th of each month. Little Santa here is my first ornament for the year.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

OOPS I forgot

Shane's girlfriend, Zada, came for dinner too and she brought me a 1000 piece Mosaic jigsaw of a pig. The pig picture is made up using a thousand tiny farm life pictures. That will keep me busy.

Dinner was takeaway from the Noodle Box along with Dim Sims, Spring rolls and fried rice made at home - and there is enough left over for dinner tonight.

My cake was a Chocolate Torte from The Cheesecake Shop, complete with pig candles.

Another Year Older and ....

what a great birthday!

The morning started slowly yesterday, as usual I was the only one awake and I enjoyed my peace and quiet for a few hours.

First phone call was from my oldest sister, then from my mum and dad, then from my youngest sister. Text messages from Simon and from his girlfriend Charlene.

John woke up after a call from the TV repair guy, so the TV repair guy was our first visitor of the day. He was only there a few minutes and off again to order the part - we'll see him again in a few weeks.

Shane was the first 'kid' out of bed and he gave me new measuring spoons and a new pastry brush. Much needed and appreciated.

Simon and Charlene arrived next with a bouquet of balloons Charlene made, 3 big balloons filled with little pink and black balloons. Then they gave me a big basket filled with gifts: a pig pen; coffee to go - so cute Char wrapped a single coffee and sugar up; a coffee mug that says Love and Cuddles from your little boy; a great big soft toy pig; 2 boxes of chocolates; a pig music box; a pig air freshener; an oinking pig; Brothers and Sisters Season 1 dvds; 3 Sharpie pens; 10 regular pens; a notebook and 2 cards. Talk about spoilt.

John then brought out his gift for me. He gave me a lovely card and an instant scratchie - which one $7.00. The gift was a girly lap top bag and he filled it with wrapped gifts - a slow cooker cookbook; scented soap a Wii classic controller; strawberry chocolates and a funny face thing that looks like a stress ball with hair, eyes and nose, but it is really pliable and you can make all sorts of expressive faces. Reall cool.

Bradley gave me My Sims Kingdom for the Wii and Justin gave me My Sims for the Wii.

Pictures were taken, so I'll post some soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Stitchy Finish for 2009

This was another fun stitch, Lizzie Kate Double Flips, Living with Charm

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Early Birthday Present

Look what I get to enjoy for a whole 9 days before my birthday is even here. Simon's girlfriend Charlene made it for me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing with our new camera

I decided after disastrous graduation photos of Simon that we needed a new digital camera, so we hit the sales after Christmas and found a nice one, another Kodak but lots of nifty features.

John has been playing with the panoramic feature, so hope this works in blogger. 3 Shanes Oh No!!